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One Supplement. Scientifically-formulated to give your body what it needs.

You don’t need a cupboard full of supplements to improve your mood. Jo’s Mood Daily is designed to help you feel more balanced and less stressed, using 17 active ingredients that all work together to make every day a happy day.

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Resistant Starch

Helps with mood, brain health, energy, gut… if we wanted to list everything, it’d go on forever.

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We sound nerdy, but it’s for the good of your health

We spend countless hours going through peer-reviewed scientific studies to create the most effective supplements... and we have a blast doing it.

Understand How Each Ingredient Helps You

It’s important to understand what you’re putting into your body, so we’ve added explanations of each of our ingredients, why we included them in the supplement, and how they’ll help you.

How we’re changing the supplement industry

Our team of 20+ scientists, MDs, NDs, and biochemical experts meticulously choose ingredients that all work together, and actually work to target your problems.

Meet Jo(e)

Our founder… has some experience with supplements.

Clearly, it became extremely frustrating (and costly) to have to use so many different supplements. Sometimes, Joe was using 10+ supplements just to help with one issue. So, he founded Jo Supplements and brought together a superhero team of scientists.

Our shared goal is to

formulate products that are more efficient, affordable, and most importantly, convenient.