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Jo® Resistant Starch is a uniquely formulated superfood designed to slow the absorption of carbs and to produce high levels of butyrate in the body. It can help you optimize gut health,  increase energy and manage your weight.

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2 reviews for Resistant Starch

  1. Victoria

    I love Jo’s resistant starch. I use it in my smoothie every day and it helps me feel full and keeps energy levels up until the evening. It’s a staple in my kitchen now!

  2. Craig S.

    I heard resistant starch could help with gut issues, but I can’t use most resistant starch supplements because they are made from things like green banana flour and I’m on a lectin-free diet. I really like Jo’s resistant starch because it’s lectin-free and it comes in a 3lb container. Most other brands I’ve seen are only 1lb!

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